Toothpaste For a Healthy Periodontium

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  • Acidosalus® Toothpaste inhibits activity of bacteria, the formation of a new plaque and effectively prevents inflammation and irritation of gums. Toothpaste protects the oral cavity and contains antibacterial properties. In contact with saliva or puck affects the metabolism of micro­-organisms and thus reduces the vitality of the plaque and its further growth so bacteria emit less harmful toxins. Due to its inhibitory effects on plaque, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, combination of herbal components encourages the restoration of healthy physiological conditions gum and provide daily caries prevention.
  • Purpose: Gingivitis is a reversibile and chronic inflammatory disorder of gums which is caused by the activity of bacteria in plaque and by products of their metabolism which can irritate gingiva. Typical symptoms of chronic gingivitis are: gum swelling, bleeding gums and irritated gums.
  • Indications: For daily oral care:
          • inflamed gums
          • dental plaque
          • reduce possibility for the formation ofnew gingiva
  • lNCI:
    Aqua (water), Glycerin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Extract Liquiritiae radix, Extract, Olive Leaf Extract (OLE), Sorbitol, Avicel Microcrystal Celulose, Saharin Natrij, Hydrated Silica, FLOS Marinus,Eucaliptus, OiLSalvia Officinalis Leaf Extract.
  • Use: For daily oral hygiene use after every meal from the age of six. Recommended in combination with Acidosalus• mouthwash
  • 50 ml

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