Results of the project SMEPASS

The SMEPASS is a joint project of EU and Republic of Croatia. Its main aim is to provide practical support to small and medium Croatian entrepreneurs (with max. 250 employees) in order to improve their competitiveness on Croatian and demanding foreign markets. SMEPASS...

Presentation on the Far East

By implementing her invention through probiotic products and special purpose cosmetics, Ms Rosa Ferinčević has continuously developing the business for 10 years. She established a small factory and employeed people. The company is present in all Croatian pharmacies...

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About Us

Award-winning and globally recognized probiotic products. We develop products that make it easier for you to enjoy life.

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What We Do

  • Medical Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Food Suplements

Contact Us

Marina Lab Opus d.o.o.
Kupinečki Kraljevec, 10000, Zagreb
Tel.: +385(0)1/61 12 482