Where antibiotics do not help



The award winning and globally recognized food sumplement prevents the proliferation of harmful bacteria, strengthens the immune system and alleviates allergies. Completely safe for children, pregnant women and lactose intolerant people. Perfect for disordered digestion, rheumatic, skin diseases and endemic species.

FOOD SUPLEMENTS / Acidosalus +

Fast lifestyle, poor diet, stress, viruses and antibiotics weaken the immune system. We have created for you ACIDOSALUS Plus, strengthen immune system today, be healthy! Find your dietary supplement …

MEDICAL PRODUCT / Vaginal suppositories

Our award-winning and internationally recognized vaginal suppositories treat vaginal infections caused by various bacteria, viruses and fungi, and serve your body in a safe and natural way.


Safe for children, regardless of age. Serves to raise and strengthen immunity. New unique probiotic Acidosalus® Baby is manufactured on the same principle that has proved its efficiency in Croatia as well as in the world.


For women and men. Creme made from roses, Rosa takes care of dry, sensitive and mature skin. Milk proteins accelerate tissue regeneration, herbal extracts give freshness and rejuvenation effect.


Good bacteria from Acidosalus Forte increase overall resistance to stress external influences. Forte enhances and facilitates your day, it strengthens the body and builds up the immune system.

INTIMATE HEALTH / Intimate care gel

Recommended for all ages for daily hygiene of the intimate areas of your body. The combination of probiotics and herbal mixtures that take care of your body in the gentlest way.

ORAL HEALTH / Nose and throat spray

Golden awards probiotic spray. It serves as an adjunctive therapy for allergies, colds as well as the maintenance and protection of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and throat with a variety of infections.

COSMETICS / Forte creme

The first Croatian probiotic cream for sensitive and slightly damaged skin. Its composition has a soothing effect on the skin, moisturizes and restores. It helps in the treatment of psoriasis, dermatitis and various infections …


Family business, supported in our profession worldwide.

We are developing new, natural and safe products so you can have stable, safe and healthy life.


“I am writing because I want to praise the extraordinary effect of Acidosalus Baby‘s on my four-year old daughter, which was after less than three days completely withdrawn lesions of dermatitis! The last few months I tried to treat dermatitis in various ways, in the hope that he will resign because it was my last option to apply the cream with corticosteroids. Unfortunately there were no visible signs of getting better. After oral ingestion Acidosalus and lubricating creams, the effects are incredible. Although I previously used your products with my children, and I was extremely pleased, in the case of dermatitis you improve the quality of life to my child and me.”


– Irena Sajko Trcin

“I want you to write a few words of gratitude for the extremely valuable probiotic Acidosalus Plus. A combination of circumstances I inhaled fumes of toxic chemicals, nitro lacquer, leading my entire body in a critical condition. After a huge amount of water which I rinsed breathed poison performed tremendous roughness of the lining of the respiratory and internal organs. Taking Acidosalus Plus teaspoon by teaspoon life became much easier. Since the beginning of 2008 I am using Marina Lab products and I wish you and your colleagues a lot of valuable business success and satisfaction. “


– Magdalena

“I’m already three years struggling with dermatitis and rosacea,  my face was bruised and very aesthetically marred. I found out about your Acidosalus Forte cream and at first contact with the skin cream I was thrilled! I use the cream for 2 months intensively and in consultation with a doctor, dermatologist Dr. Takac, who blessed her, seeing the results I achieve with it. I do not know how you’ll understand my letter, but I had to write. If you will be at least a little more motivated to continue with much enthusiasm and love doing and creating products that will be of great help to others, and then I’ve done a little good deed.”


– Viktorija Majstorović


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Award-winning and globally recognized probiotic products. We develop products that make it easier for you to enjoy life.

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