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What do Acidosalus® dietary supplements contain?
Acidosalus ® contains a very high concentration of living germs from the genus Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium per milliliter of preparation (109 to 1011 CFU/mL), and a natural antibiotic substance that has a broad antimicrobial spectrum that blocks the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the intestines and mucous membranes. The action of lactic acid bacteria in milk increases the amount of some vitamins, such as choline and folic acid (Lactobacillus) or B-complex vitamins (Bifidobacterium). Folic acid (vitamin B9) plays a very important role in the metabolism of our body: hematopoietic factor, growth factor, it is important in pregnancy to preserve the fetus, it protects the nervous system, it is important for the function of the liver, in the formation of new cells and in the healing of wounds.
How and for how long are Acidosalus® dietary supplements used?
Acidosalus ® dietary supplements with probiotic cultures are most effective in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before meals 1-2dcL. Doctors recommend using for a minimum of 6 weeks (4 liter bottles) for results. Therapies will also depend on the organism itself, the purpose of use, and actually the strength of the individual's immunity. According to user experiences, 8 weeks of use are necessary for urinary tract problems and H.pylori.
Which Acidosalus® dietary supplement to choose?

We produce several different types, which are equal in concentration of "good bacteria". The difference is in the types of milk (cow, soy and goat), in the addition of fresh garlic, beta-glucan and/or strain of probiotic bacteria. Users choose mostly according to their milk preferences, and for the general improvement of the immune system we recommend everything equally. We recommend the goat's milk preparation for respiratory problems, and the soy "milk" for bones, along with/after chemotherapy.

Can Acidosalus® products be taken in combination with other medicines?
Acidosalus ® products can be taken in parallel with other medicines. They can be taken during antibiotic therapy, however, the strongest effect occurs after the end of antibiotic therapy.
Can Acidosalus® products be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and children?
All Acidosalus ® products are safe and necessary for the immune system of children, infants, pregnant and lactating women.
How do Acidosalus® products differ from industrially produced yogurts?
Acidosalus ® products are unique and have proven medicinal properties. The number of live Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium microorganisms is at a high concentration of min. 109 CFU/mL preparation, which is not the case with common probiotics. Yogurt is obtained by fermenting milk with the help of yogurt culture. A certain type of probiotic is added to the yogurt obtained in this way to a lesser extent, so the number of live germs in the product is much lower. Milk is the most suitable medium for the growth of probiotic bacteria, and is therefore more effective than other forms of packaging. The action of the dietary supplement in fermented form is much more effective because the activity starts already at the beginning of the digestive system.
Can they be used by people with an allergy/intolerance to cow's milk?
People allergic to cow's milk can take Acidosalus ® soy - a soy milk probiotic (drink), as well as other nutritional supplements, because lactose turns into lactic acid during the fermentation process. Probiotic cultures can have a beneficial effect on the immune system of people with an allergy to the milk protein casein, because they are partially broken down by the fermentation process and thus become easier to digest.
Do Acidosalus® dietary supplements contain gluten?


When using Acidosalus® vaginalet, is there a need to take a break between treatments?
Acidosalus ® vaginalettes are a product on a natural basis, and can be used until the problem is resolved, but also preventively for the purpose of regulating vaginal pH, temporary imbalance of the urogenital flora, vaginal discharge, unpleasant vaginal odor, irritation, burning, itching, edema in the pubic area. and vaginal dryness, vaginal dryness, dyspareunia.
How long should vaginalette be used?

The product is used depending on whether it is a therapeutic or preventive use, as well as the organism itself. During menstruation, due to the leakage of the content, the effect will be lower, so you can skip the application on those days.

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