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Is it necessary to make a pause between each treatments with Acidosalus® vaginaletes?
Acidosalus® vaginalete are a product based on probiotic bacteria and a pause of only a few days between two treatments is enough. The probiotic does not eliminate bacteria but forms unfriendly environment for their development; this the pause during the menstrual days is perfectly sufficient. Two-to-three days before the microbiological testings of vaginal flora should be leaved free from any treatment.
Are Acidosalus® products allowed to pregnant and nursing women and children?
All Acidosalus® products are safe and required for immune system of children, infants as well as pregnant and nursing women.
For how long Acidosalus® should be used?
Minimal duration of therapy is 3-4 weeks. Longer servings (6-8 weeks) are recommended in order to regenerate intestinal and vaginal flora. Duration of the therapy also depends on actual strength of one’s immune system.
Can Acidosalus® products be served in combination with other drugs?
Acidosalus® products can be served paralelly with other drugs. They can be used during antibiotic therapies, but the most prominent action will be achieved after finish of antibiotic therapy.
Can Acidosalus® products be used without prescription?
All Acidosalus® products are available in pharmacies without prescription. The products are not harmful, do not have side-effects, and can be recommended to anyone for regeneration of intestinal and vaginal flora.
What is a difference between Acidosalus® products and industrially produced yogurts?
Acidosalus® products are unique and have proven healing properties. A number of living microorganisms Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium is very high, min. 109 cfu/ml, what is not the case at common probiotics. Yogurt is obtained by fermentation of milk with yogurt culture. Thus obtained yogurt is fortified with certain kinds of probiotics, so, their number is far smaller.
Can Acidosalus® be used by persons with cow's milk allergy?
Persons allergic to cow’s milk can use Acidosalus® soy – our probiotic based on a soybean milk, or other probiotics because lactose in Acidosalus® line of products was converted to lactic acid. Once again, probiotic cultures can affect positively on immune system of allergic subjects..
Do Acidosalus® probiotics contain gluten and lactose?
Probiotics Acidosalus® do not contain gluten. Lactose was converted to lactic acid. Thus persons with intolerance to lactose and those with coeliac and similar diseases, can use Acidosalus® probiotics.
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