EU Project “Increasing the competitiveness of Marina Lab Opus through product certification”






The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.

Project description:

MARINA LAB OPUS doo, with the help of the consulting company SPECULUM doo, successfully implemented the EU Project ” Increasing the competitiveness of the company Marina Lab Opus through product certification ” as part of the Call for “Product Certification to the Market”, KK.03.2.1. 12 – version 2, which was co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.

The project carried out the conformity assessment procedure of 2 products:

  1. Acidosalus vaginalete i
  2. Acidosalus suppository for hemorrhoids.

These are the company’s innovative products that have won numerous domestic and international awards. The final assessment of conformity was preceded by project activities such as: production of technical documentation, clinical testing, assessment of product conformity according to EU directives and norms, and consulting services related to the costs of production of documentation for the issuance of Certificates of Conformity and the issuance of final certificates.

Project activities:

Activity 1.- Preparation for the conformity assessment procedure

Activity 2. – Project management

Activity 3. – Promotion and visibility


The goal of the Call is to contribute to the activities of SMEs by increasing the application of standards, together with a reliable technological solution, to ensure the prerequisites for increasing exports and overall competitiveness by proving the quality, safety and reliability of their products. By providing support for the introduction and application of European and international (globally) recognized norms, it contributes to SMEs taking advantage of the advantages that the application of norms has for enabling access to new markets.

The goal of the project was to strengthen the company Marina Lab Opus on the national market with recognized standards and legal regulations, which will open the way for expansion to foreign markets. Also, the goal is to improve production technology, product safety and quality, increase production capacity and product range, increase exports to foreign markets, continuous work on the development of new innovative products, strengthening the position on the Croatian market, expanding business to foreign markets and increasing employment through employment new employees.

The specific goal of the project was to raise the competitiveness of the Marina Lab Opus company by implementing procedures for assessing the conformity of the company’s best-selling products.

Results of the project:

  • Two products certified
  • The public was informed about the implementation of the project and promotional materials were distributed

Project implementation period: April 1, 2021 – December 1, 2023.

Total value of the project: EUR 157,422.73, of which EU co-financing amounts to EUR 121,929.80.

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