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latin: acidus – acid; salus – salvation, well-being (health & prosperity)
Acidosalus® is a natural product manufactured by fermentation of milk with one of the most powerful probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus. Acidosalus® contains high concentration of living Lactobacillus acidophilus cells per each milliliter of the product (109-1011 cfu/mL), and natural antibiotic substance which exhibits wide antimicrobial action, thus blocks the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria and yeasts in guts. Also, the Acidosalus® is reach in vitamins of B group including folic acid (B9).
The latter exhibits an important roles in human organism: haematopoietic factor, growth factor, important in pregnancy, protects CNS system, important for the liver function, for generation of new cells, and at wound healing.
Yet in 1953., prof. Kruna Tomić Karović showed antibiotic activity of milk fermented with Lactobacillus bacteria, and in collaboration with physicians performed several clinical testings. Thus she helped many urological patients with stubborn infections, with chronic inflammation of middle ear, cystitis, gastritis, colitis, diarrhea caused by Salmonella, etc.
The strain used in production of Acidosalus® was tested on mouses with induced tumors, wherein positive effects were observed. Consumption of Acidosalus® provides decreased risk of occurrence of tumor.

 fotka02Bacteral strain Lactobacillus acidophilus is characterized by a profound antibiotic action; prevents growth and development of various bacteria and fungi, e.g. Salmonella, Shigella, Escherichia coli, other enteropathogenic bacteria, and also the fungi Candida albicans.

Due to the ability to colonize te gut, it improves overall condition of intestinal microflora, influences many pathological conditions which may be termed “weak immunity”. Acidosalus® contains the enzyme lactase, so it can be also consumed by individuals with lactose (milk sugar) intolerance.
Healing effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus is proven in numerous scientific studies all around the world. Due to these, Acidosalus® has therapeutic value.

Because of these and 'field' proven facts Acidosalus® has therapeutic value

  • for improving overall health at reconvalescents and for boosting immune system (various viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, longlasting antibiotic therapies, allergies, etc.);
  • at digestion dysfunction due to stress, unbalanced food, various diets, etc.;
  • at intestinal disorders, enhances development of healthy intestinal microflora (against diarrhea, meteorism, constipation, colitis, Helicobacter pylori, etc.);
  • at various skin diseases (orally and topically, as a poultice);
  • at edema (retention of water in the body);
  • at rheumatic diseases;
  • at various inflammations of urogenital tract, expecially at recurrent infections (Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Chlamydia i sl.);
  • at at various fungal and bacterial infections of vagina.

Directions for use of Acidosalus®

Recommended daily intakes is 1-2 dcL (100-200 mL) devided in few portions, 30 minutes before meals; taking juices, coffee, and alcoholic drinks are not recommended; can be diluted with filtered or spring water; For healing purpose, the servings must be continued for 4-10 weeks; Using as preventive therapy is also recommended; Can be used by children and pregnant women.


Glass bottle with 1000 mL (Acidosalus®) Glass bottle with 300 mL (Acidosalus® baby)

Shelf life

2 months from the production date; Store in refrigerator (4-8 oC); After opening, use within 21 days.

Immunity and allergies

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Healthy guts are a basis for the health of whole organism. By using Acidosalus®, harmful bacteria simply cannot grow and reach significant concentration which would be harmful for the organism. During last years, new strains of bacteria of “old diseases” like TBC have appeared, which are resistant to most antibiotics. Lactobacillus bacteria significantly decrease sensitivity to allergies, from which suffer more and more people. In Finland, scientists studied the use of Lactobacillus bacteria in pregnant women and small children. Acidosalus® based on a goat milk and Lactobacillus bacteria helps in solving such problems. It regenerates beneficial intestinal microflora disbalanced due to antibiotic treatments, chemotherapy, stress, etc. Then become important a role of probiotic bacteria which regenerate intestinal mucosa. This leads to boosted immunity and prevention of various allergies. Beside oral consumption, Acidosalus® can be used also on a mucosa including that of nose. In this case, it alleviates symptoms of allergy. For this purpose, at pollen allergies and inflammatory processes in oral cavity, the use of Acidosalus® spray for nose and mouth is recommended.

Baby's health

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Since friendly bacteria are important for us from the birth to the end of our lives, expecially probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus, they are also important in pregnancy. They are important for health of both baby and mother. During normal birth, babies receive their dosage of friendly bacteria through paturient channel if the mother is healthy. Such babies are more resistant and have stronger immunity than babies born by the caesarean section. In the same manner, it is important for babies to receive friendly bacteria. Later on, during growth they will help them to develop natural immunity, without allergies. By using Acidosalus®, babies gain weight. This is expecially important for babies which are fed with artificial food, and specially at those born before the term. Babies born by the caesarean section did not have opportunityto receive the friendly bacteria by passing through the paturient channel. Acidosalus® is recommended also at babies with acute infections. It should be given in small servings; latter on, these can be elevated as the baby grows, depending on the weight.

Skin care

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Acidosalus® represents gentle, natural approach to the skin care; improving tan, and helps at acneous and problematic skin. The product can be used as a mask to clean and feed the skin of face.

Woman's health

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Being healthy means maintaining a good balance of friendly bacteria against harmful ones in the guts. Guts are the first line of defence against diseases. The use of Acidosalus® based on probiotic bacteria (bacteria for life), one regenerates natural intestinal flora, and enhances absorption of nutritive substances from food and food supplements. Acidosalus® is important for vaginal health of woman. It represents a natural treatment against vaginal inflammations and viral (Rotavirus, HPV, HIV), bacterial (Escherichia coli, Chlamydia, etc.), and fungal (Candida albicans) infections. Beside oral usage of Acidosalus® food supplements, the topical (vaginal) use of medicinal products Acidosalus® vaginal probiotic and Acidosalus® vaginal suppositories are also recommended.
Probiotics as a supportive therapy in treatment of Condylomata acuminata

Biserkoska Atanasovska Lidija, Mitrevska Teovska Natasa Re-Medika general hospital Skopje, Macedonia Purpose of the study The purpose of the study was to demonstrate the effects of solution for genital washing Acidosalus as a combination of probiotics for the treatment of Condylomata acuminata in women presented with other infection (most commonly candidiasis and non specific vaginitis). The world health organisation deemed probiotics to be next most important immune defence system implicited in providing numerouse health benefits. Materials and Metods Our study followed the effects of solution for intimate care of probiotics, on the recurence of frequency of non specific vaiginitis and qental warts. Our group of study consisted of 75 women diagnosed with genital warts and non sepcific vaginitis, average age 30±5 years, sexually active without contraceptive treatment in progress.The commonest infection were Candida and non specific vaginitis (Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma urealiticum). The study was conducted at an out –patient private hospital Re-Medika in Skopje, Macedonia from January 2012 untill September 2012. Results The treatment of associated infections hastes the response of warts to cytotoxic therapy and thus regure longer course of threatment. The ususal treatment of non specific vaginosis is very effective , but due to imbalance in vaginal flora a repeated recurrence of this conditions is quite common. The treatment protocol include cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen and adequate therapy for concominant infection.Alternative treatment options –was usage of intimate care solution with probiotics. Bacteriological evalutaion was conducted on the cervicovaginal secretion before administration and 1,2 and 3 months after completion.From 75 women only 8 had a recidiv of Condylomata acuminata. Conclusion: Probiotics may be additional treatment subseguent antibiotics treatment and cryotherapy for interfering in the protective function of epithelial, cytokine secretion with anti-microbs effects. But its very important if we use not only localy but peroraly usage of probiotics for achieving the best immune defence.

Dr. Karović: Stronger than antibiotics
Here are mentioned some of many results that were described in 1952. in the disertation of prof. dr. Kruna Tomić Karović, who was a pioneer of the use of acidophilus milk in Croatia. Due to its wide spectrum antibiotic activity, acidophilus milk appeared to be very effective at urinary infections. Improvements were observed even in the cases of uremia. Also, many cases of chronic inflammation of middle ear were cured, that were resistant to usual therapies; even at ear shell cartilage inflammation, which does not have blood vessels but feeds itself by osmosis. Sulfonamides and antibiotics don’t have so profound power to be able to penetrate in sufficient quantity into the tissue of cartilage, but acidophilus milk showed fast effect. Additionally, with acidophilus milk, dr. Karović suceeded to cure inflammation of cordial cartilage. Six weeks after taking, only a scar remained at patient with abscess in abdominal cavity.
During epidemia of shigellosis in Zagreb’s hospital Vrapče, by the use of acidophilus milk, out of 537 infected patients only one remained permanent carrier. Special area of interests of dr. Karović was therapy of nursing and small children. In these cases, there were observed a lot of intestinal disturbances, strong diarrhea, and often fatal outcomes due to dehydration.
The use of acidophilus milk appeared to be more than successful in these cases. Moreover, children that received acidophilus milk exhibited higher weigth gain, whilst the number of days required for recovery was reduced from 33 to 26.
What is a difference between fermented (acidic) and ordinary milk? Milk is generally the best source of calcium (Ca2+) which is required for bone strength, blood coagulation, calming nerves, and good sleep; it is an excellent source of biologically highly-valuable proteins which are in all kind of fermented milks partially degraded by the action of bacteria, thus they are of high digestibility.The advantage of fermented milk is also in the presence of vitamins of B group, which are defficient in modern man diet. A consequence of this are various disorders and diseases – baldness, diabetes, aterosclerosis, decreased resistance agains infections, weakened endocrinal system, and sexual performances. Acidophilus milk is outlined from all other fermented milks by its precious property of wide spectrum antibiotic activity which does not only prevents reproduction of bacteria (bacteriostatic), but also acts as bacteriocid.
Dr. Tadić: Pharmacotherapy
Prof. Dragutin Tadić in his book „Farmacotherapy“ outlined that acidophilus milk was expecially good for tretament of bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics and sulfonamides at infectional inflammations of throat, tonsils, nose, sinuses, ear, gall-bladder, at diarrhea, etc. He recommended the use of half a litre during few weeks up to two months. Even, it can be used topically as a poultice.
Experiences of dr. Radovanović
The following examples from dr. Radovanović practice are interesting; one case of rheumatic fever that appeared as a complication after tonsils inflammation. High temperature which precludes operation, was „solved“ by acidophilus milk, patient also avoided hearth complication, that often follows the rheumatic fever.
Twenty days of acidophilus milk treatment helped to man which suffered from prostate inflammation for years. Expecially problematic are urinary infections caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics and sulfonamides, but not to acidophilus milk.
Much serious cases are when, after long lying due to severe disease or surgical intervention, lung inflammation develops. They can be direct cause of death. One of such cases was a female subject on which a surgical intervention on brain tumor was carried out; and one of complications, which sometimes appears during such interventions, was a lung lining inflammation accompanied with pus exudate. Then thorax opening was planned and morfium treatment, but on suggestion of dr. Radovanović, the therapy with acidophilic milk was conducted. The result was complete recovery without planned surgical intervention.
Often are so-called intestinal disbacterioses which develop after antibiotic therapies. They destroy normal intestinal bacterial flora and then it becomes ideal place for reproduction of other dangerous bacteria which can cause diarrhea. When certain strains of enterococci cannot be destroyed with usual antibiotics, sometimes, due to loss of water from organism (dehydration), expecially at children, this can result in fatal event. In these cases, acidophilus milk appeared to be a precious adjuvant because it destroys pathological flora and in the same time enables development of normal intestinal flora.
Additional advantages of acidophilic milk lies in the fact that it also contains folic and folinic acids. Folic acid is important for generation of new cells in the body, without folic acid even minor wound cannot heal, and formation of red blood cells is impossible, with consequence of anemia. These two acids from acidophilic milk help, for instance, to heal stomach ulcer or wounds on intestine mucosa.
Helps also at psoriasis
Finally, from experiences of those who used acidophilic milk, positive effects at psoriasis must be mentioned. One month therapy provided solving of psoriasis problems for about a year. However, it should be pointed out that a good outcome is achieved by paralel administration of products with digestible enzymes containing so-called Castle’s factor. These are subjects with low amounts of this factor in their stomach mucosa and juice; because of this, sole acidophilic milk does not work so effectively.
Experiences in the use of Acidosalus® product – fermented milk-based probiotic with Lactobacillus acidophilus
M. Brlečić1, R. Ferinčević2, V. Škerk3, I. Kosalec4, N. Vidić1, S. Večerina-Violić5
1„Priroda liječi“, Vlaška 40, Zagreb
2 Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet, Schrottova 39, Zagreb
3 Fonijatrijski centar Šalata ORL klinike Šalata. Šalata 2, Zagreb
4 Klinika za infektivne bolesti „Dr. Fran Mihaljević“, Mirogojska 8, Zagreb
Already from the year 1960. acidophilus milk and its effects have been studied in various departments of Zagreb’s hospitals, on encouragement of prof. dr. Kruna Karović Tomić. Lactobacillus are a genuine part of intestinal flora and vagina, they are used as probiotics. They change composition and metabolic activity of microflore or influence an immune system what results in positive effects on healthy status of host subject. Protective in situ effect of Lactobacillus bacteria is achieved by competition with pathogenic bacteria on receptors and by formation of antimicrobial substances: lactic acid, acetic acid, and others. Therapeutic effect involves peroral administration of live or liophilized bacteria with aim of colonization of gastrointestinal tract (oral cavity, duodenum, intestines). The aim of topical intravaginal application is colonization of vaginal epitelium and suppression of uropathogenic bacteria.
The aim
The aim of this work was to study efficacy and tolerance of peroral and vaginal application of Acidosalus® in prophylaxis of recurrent urinary infections.
Place of study
Ambulance for urogenital infections of the Clinic for infective diseases „Dr. Fran Mihaljević“, Zagreb, Croatia
Time of study
From january-december 2005.
Totally 30 patients with recurrent cystitis were studied. All had 3 or more episodes of cystitis during last 3 months. From vagina and urine culture, the same bacteria were found. Patients were first subjected to targeted antimicrobial therapies for 7 days. Then they were asked to take Acidosalus® for 3 months; first 15 days by peroral and vaginal applications, and then only perorally. Clinical control was carried out 1-2 months after beginning of the therapy, 5-9 days after finish of antibiotic therapy, and 5-9 days and 3 months after Acidosalus® administration. Bacteriological control of urine was performed 5-9 days after stopping of antibiotic therapy and as required, while bacteriological control of urine and vagina, 5-9 days and 3 months after Acidosalus® administration.
Female subjects were 25-45 years old. Five of them were excluded from the study because of cystitis symptoms appearance 1-2 months after starting the study. At two of them, E. coli was isolated from urine, at two Enterococci, and at fifth subject Streptococcus agalectiae. Total of 25 patients finished the study with sterile urine culture on both control stages, and 20/25 with observed physiological flora in vagina 5-9 days after finish of the administration, or 15/25 after 3 months of the study.
Three months administration of Acidosalus® provided normalization of vaginal flora at 15 out of 30 female subjects, and 6-month absence of cystitis at 25 of 30 patients. Acidosalus® proved to be useful in prevention of episodes of recurrent cystitis; so it can be recommended to patients with recurrent urinary infections.
Experiences in the use of Acidosalus® – fermented milk-based probiotic with Lactobacillus acidophilus
M. Brlečić1, I. Kosalec2, N. Vidić1, S. Večerina-Violić3, V. Škerk4
1„Priroda liječi“, Vlaška 40, Zagreb
2 Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet, Schrottova 39, Zagreb
3 Fonijatrijski centar Šalata ORL klinike Šalata. Šalata 2, Zagreb
4 Klinika za infektivne bolesti „Dr. Fran Mihaljević“, Mirogojska 8, Zagreb
Numerous in vitro studies have shown positive protective effect of Lactobacillus bacteria against urogenital and gastrointestinal infections, where they represent important part of their dynamic systems. Protective in situ effect of Lactobacillus bacteria is explained by several mechanisms: competition with pathogens for receptors; co-aggregation with pathogens with subsequent prevention of their adherence, and formation of antimicrobial substances: lactic acid (and thus decreasing of pH value), diacetyl, H2O2, and bacteriocins. Lactobacillus acidophilus (LA) is used in various products for prevention and as adjuvant in therapy of bacterial and fungal infections of gastrointestinal tract, as adjuvant at Crohn’s disease, tumors, enteroviral infections, gastritis, and stomach and duodenal diseases. In this paper, with listed therapy, the effects of food supplement Acidosalus® with min. 1011 cfu/mL of living LA at 80 patients with infective and non-infective urogenital (61%), gastrointestinal (26%), upper respiratory system and oral cavity (5%), and other (8%) diseases were studied. The product was administered, depending on the disease, perorally and/or intravaginally. Subsequent survey showed subjective and objective changes during Acidosalus® administration. At most of the patients, positive changes of diminished subjective problems have been observed. The most objective and subjective positive changes were observed at patients with urogenital diseases (expecially at those with Candida albicans, E. coli, and Enterococci infections), with decreasing of urinary bladder irritations, squibbing at urination and itch, and withdrawal of infection. In the gastrointestinal group of patients, proper regulation of defecation was observed. All patients gave positive attributes to Acidosalus®without side-effects, and with enhancement of general vitality. Due to mentioned positive experiences with Acidosalus®, studies will be continued together with its use in dermatology.
Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactobacillus acidophilus is a „friendly“ bacterium which is used in production of yogurt and cheese. We are born without it, but Lactobacillus soon become an inhabitant of our gastrointestinal tract, and therein it prevents occurence of gastrointestinal infections. Lactobacillus acidophilus also colonizes vagina wherein it protects women from fungal infections. Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of a few microorganisms that are called probiotic (meaning „for life“), and that are among bacteria and fungi useful for our body. Some of other friendly bacteria are: L. bulgaricus, L. reuteri, L. plantarum, L. casei, B. bifidus, S. salivarius S. thermophilus, as well as Saccharomyces boulardii. Your gastrointestinal tract can be imagined as a complicated eco-system with billions of bacteria and fungi instead of plants and animals. Some of these internal inhabitants are more and some less useful for Your body. Lactobacillus acidophilus and other probiotics not only help functions of gastrointestinal tract, they also decrease presence of less useful organisms, by fighting with them about the available living space. However, antibiotics, beside their undoubt benefits, might cause disturbances of body equilibrium by accompanied killing of friendly bacteria. When this happen, harmful bacteria and fungi use this occasion and try to colonize the gastrointestinal tract. This is a reason why fungal infections sometimes occur at women after therapies with antibiotics. It was observed that regular use of probiotics can provide prevention against vaginal infections and improvement of general health of gastrointestinal tract. Therefore it is recommended to use probiotic products in continuation after finish of antibiotics therapies. It is believed that regular use of probiotics can reduce development of infective diarrhea while You are travelling, specially while You are visiting foreign countries. Probiotics also help in prevention and healing of common diarrhea. Numerous studies have shown that probiotics, like Lactobacillus acidophilus, can improve immune function of organism.
There are no unwanted side-effects of the use of Lactobacillus acidophilus and other probiotics. The only event that occurs sometimes are elevated amounts of intestinal gases.
Use in dermatovenerology
Dr. med. Andrija Stanimirović, PhD specialist in dermatovenerology: Opinion on medicinal use of Acidosalus® in dermatovenerological indications
Acidosalus® is natural acidic diary product which contains, as active ingredient, a high concentration of live bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus.
Bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus is very potent natural antibiotic that exhibits inhibitory effect on growth and development of various bacteria and yeasts, expecially Candida albicans. In my 15years dermatovenerological practice, at Clinic for skin and venerological diseases „Šalata“ in Zagreb, Croatia, DMZ-MOR Clinic at Dead Sea in Israel, and in private practice, I personally have very positive experiences with the use of Acidosalus® in recurrent genital infections in women caused by Candida albicans. The product is used topically and per os during 3-4 weeks. Side-effects and allergic or irritative skin or mucosa reactions have not been observed. Also, I have excellent experiences with Acidosalus® used as adjuvant in therapy of vulval psoriasis. The product is used per 200 ml daily, during 8 weeks. Possible additional positive effect of the product is due to a good regulation of metabolism and high concentration of vitamins from B group.
I recommend Acidosalus® as adjuvant in therapy of vaginal (genital) candidiasis and vulval psoriasis.
Expert opinion
Dr. med. Aleksandar Soltyšik, physician of general medicine and specialist of biological medicine: Expert opinion about the therapeutic value of Acidosalus® and about the indications for its use
Acidosalus® is completely natural product obtained by fermentaton of milk by using Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Scientific fact is that Lactobacillus acidophilus – human strain – (together with about twenty probiotic bacterial species present in intestine) is one of the most prominent probiotic bacteria, and that by powerful competitive mechanism blocks growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi in intestine and mucosa. By improving general state of intestinal flora, one can influences pathological conditions which can be termed „weakened immunity“. Scientific fact is the correlation: healthier intestinal fora results in stronger (healthier) humoral immunity.


From my twenty-years practice, I can only confirm positive effects of Lactobacillus at the following conditions:

– chronic constipation;
– all forms of intestinal dysbiosis;
– impaired intestinal flora after antibiotic therapies;
– intestinal and vaginal candidiasis;
– positive effect on the liver function at cirrhosis;
– elimination of Salmonella carrier-status;,
– fungal inflammations of skin and mucosa;
– tendency to fungal and bacterial infections.
Basically, I serve Acidosalus® at rate of 2-4 dcl daily during 4-10 weeks. In the case of inflammatory conditions of skin and mucosa, it can be applied topically.
Due to these facts, and that Acidosalus®from MarinaLab does contain very high, therapeutic, concentration of Lactobacillus acidophilus, I consider it as an adjuvant in the therapy of above-mentioned patological conditions.
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